Varicose Veins

What Are Varicose Veins and How are they Caused?

Many people will develop varicose veins at some point in their life. Varicose veins occur when the blood flows in the wrong direction in superficial leg veins due to failing valves.  This then causes the veins to become large and swollen.

Inherited and environmental factors are the main causes of varicose veins.  Puberty, pregnancy and menopause may also influence progression of the condition.  Varicose veins can cause feelings of fatigue, heaviness, aching, burning, throbbing, itching and cramping in the leg and lead to the production of smaller thread veins. These symptoms are often accompanied by swelling of the ankle. Thread veins can also produce the same symptoms.

What Treatments Are Available For Varicose Veins?

Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy is one of the best treatments for varicose veins although we also offer radiofrequency ablation (VNUS ClosureFAST). Both have been approved by NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) for the treatment of symptomatic varicose veins.

Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy is performed as an outpatient procedure in our clinics under local anaesthetic and takes approximately half an hour per leg.  The procedure causes minor discomfort and is carefully monitored using ultrasound imaging.

Foam sclerotherapy is by far the most effective treatment for patients with varicose veins which have returned after previous surgery.

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