Face, Chest and Hand Veins

Where Do They Come From?

The most common veins on the face are the very fine pink veins which occur on the cheeks and around the nose. These occur in some people after excessive exposure to sunlight. They give a ‘healthy weatherbeaten’ look. This is not always desirable!

The small pink veins arise in the skin, developing from tiny normal blood vessels. These veins are often too small be to be treated by injection and are best managed by IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or laser treatment. This is effective in removing the veins, but they tend to regrow over time with further exposure to sunlight.


Patients with rosacea also develop pinkness in the face skin due to an increased number of tiny capillaries in the skin. The acute inflammation of the skin can be managed by appropriate skin creams but this does not make the small vessels go away. Treatment with IPL or laser is effective here as well.

Blue Face Veins

Some people are born with prominent blue veins beneath the skin. These are perfectly normal but can be unsightly if they run across the cheek or other part of the face. After middle age the skin and subcutaneous tissues become thinner allowing veins to become visible underneath. This is often a problem in the region of the temples. All of these veins are perfectly normal and harmless but if they present a cosmetic problem they can be treated by injection of these veins in the same way as leg veins are treated. This is a very effective solution for prominent veins on the face.

Chest and Breast Veins

Prominent blue veins are common on the chest and breast. Some people consider these unsightly, especially if they appear on an area of skin exposed by some clothing. Injection treatment works very effectively on these veins. They can usually be eliminated in two or three sessions. Treatment of blue veins on the face and chest causes only minimal discomfort.

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