LighSheer® Duet™ Laser Hair removal

Laser hair removal

A popular solution for unwanted body hair has been limited by the need to invest valuable time and accept treatment discomfort to achieve desired results. These limitations can be significant when treating larger body areas such as shoulders and backs, chests or legs.

High Speed LightSheer® Duet™

This treatment option for hair removal is great news for both men and women, since backs and legs can now be treated comfortably in about 15-20 minutes, with no need for topical anaesthetics or messy treatment gel.

Patented ChillTip handpiece with a 9 or 12 mm square sapphire tip that actively cools before, during and after treatment pulses to minimize patient discomfort and enable the use of higher treatment fluences.

The Lumenis Lightsheer Duet, offers superior results to a wide variety of patients and treats all skin types including tanned skin and the broadest range of hair colours, course or fine, of any laser hair removal system.